Winter Shelters

Winter Shelter Workshop Nov. 18th. Click for information.

Building winter shelters:

Jason_Putsche_PFA_12In Laurel, many feral cats seek shelter in the storm drains during the winter. Unfortunately, heavy rains and melting snow kill many of these cats every year.  Providing a warm, safe shelter alternative for feral cats is important for their survival.

Below you will find plans for several shelters designs, some simply made from plastic totes and styrofoam coolers.

A quick note on bedding material: The very best bedding material is straw.  It holds heat and dries out quickly. Blankets and hay can both absorb moister and actually wick heat away from a cat.

Shelter Plans:

   Simple and Inexpensive

   CCMD shelter-building brochure (pdf)

   Very simple and inexpensive

   IndyFerals (pdf)

   Urban Cat League

   Neighborhood Cats

   Alley Cat Allies

   Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition

Purchase ready-made shelters:


   Kitty Tube

   Outdoor Cat House

   Sanctuary for Ferals That Won't Go In A Shelter

   Cozy Cat Furniture