Trap Neuter Return Program

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return is at he heart of Laurel Cats's work. Our volunteers work with residents to do comprehensive, targeted TNVR where we trap, alter, vaccinate and return 100% of the stray cats in any given community at a time. (Friendly stray cats and young kittens are brought into our fostering program rather than being returned.) Working with the residents of the community who are caring for these cats allows us to alter 100% of the cats which results in a steady decline in the cat population following our work.

We conduct an annual winter census of cats in Laurel which has been showing a steady decline in the outdoor cat population in Laurel since we began our TNVR work.

We are always in need of more trappers. Trapping is an outdoor activity that generally occurs around sunrise and sunset. If you like the outdoors and these hours work for you, please drop us a note to join the team.