Caretaker Information

betty1Free-roaming cat caretakers are the backbone of any successful TNR program. Most caretakers start off simply as concerned citizens who find a hungry cat on their doorstep. They do the compassionate thing and feed the cat. Unfortunately, many free-roaming cat "feeders" do not realize until too late that feeding a cat, even a cat they do not owns, brings with it an additional level of responsibility.  This responsibility entails spaying/neutering the cat, providing shelter to the cat, and addressing any problems the cat creates involving neighbors.

Laurel Cats is dedicated to educating, assisting and empowering free roaming cat "feeders" to transform them into responsible free-roaming cat "caretakers."  Free-roaming cat caretakers play a critical roll in a successful TNR program as these are the people providing daily care to the free-roaming cats, monitoring their health, and tracking their numbers. In short, they do the day-to-day work of making sure these outdoor cats live a quality existence.

Free-roaming Caretakers are caring for cats throughout Laurel, doing TNR, providing high quality food, fresh water, warm winter shelters, and medical attention for cats who become sick or injured.  As of 2015, these caretakers who are working with Laurel Cats have helped lower the population of free-roaming cats in their managed colonies by 31% over approximately three years.

Many of these caretakers are members of Laurel Cats' Caretaker Alliance program. This program educates and assists caretakers standardizing quality cat care throughout our Laurel community.